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Reporting Concerns

The College of New Jersey is committed to providing its current and prospective employees and students with a workplace/educational environment free from prohibited discrimination or harassment. Prohibited discrimination/harassment undermines the integrity of the academic environment and employment relationship, compromises equal employment opportunity, debilitates morale and interferes with the opportunity for all persons to fully participate in the academic, work and living environment of the College.

To achieve the goal of maintaining a work/educational environment free from discrimination or harassment, the College will not tolerate forms of discrimination or harassment based upon the protected categories identified in the New Jersey State Policy Prohibiting Discrimination in the Workplace. This is a zero tolerance policy. The College reserves the right to take either disciplinary action, if appropriate, or other corrective action, to address any unacceptable conduct that violates this policy, regardless of whether the conduct satisfies the legal definition of discrimination or harassment.

If you need to file an EEO complaint, contact Kerri Thompson Tillett at 771-3139 or via email at, or Kerriā€™s office is located in the Administrative Services Building in Room 102.